Student Spotlight: Honors student, state golf champ

Student Spotlight: Honors student, state golf champ

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - One high school athlete who took home the state title at the South Carolina High School League golf championship is featured in this week’s Student Spotlight.

With determination and commitment, Emma Charles won the 4A girls high school state golf championship at Coastal Carolina University’s Hackler Golf Course.

A senior and star athlete at Hartsville High, Charles is setting records and making history in Hartsville.

“It still hasn’t really set in, honestly," Emma said laughing. “I went in with the attitude that I am going to win, I am the best one here, I can do it," she added.

Emma Charles, Senior at Hartsville High takes home state title at golf championship.
Emma Charles, Senior at Hartsville High takes home state title at golf championship. (Source: Emma Charles)

Emma shot a one under 71 the first day of state, and then a three under 75 the second day. She said it’s all about who works the hardest.

“Practice, practice, practice. Because the first day I went out there freshman year, I could not get the ball off the ground and I was so frustrated and said I can’t do this anymore, but I was so determined to hit it straight, and I still am. I am a perfectionist always working on my swing," she explained.

This is the first ever golf state championship title in Hartsville history and Emma won her spot in the school’s hall of fame when she received a record score of 32, a four under par on a nine hole course.

She said, “I live on the golf course so it’s in my backyard, I go every single day, everyone is out there and say hey Emma, hey Emma, hey Emma, how are you?”

Her grind has certainly paid off. When asked about college plans, she said, “I am going to Anderson University next fall. Yes, I am on a scholarship and I am really excited.”

From the course to the books, Emma stays busy. She said, “I’m in the Anchor Club, Beta Club, National Honor Society, but for the most part, I practice after school for a few hours, do my school work and then eat dinner, and then do it all over again."

Emma’s gratitude for those in her life shines through as she talked about her achievement.

“After I won actually I got home pulled into the driveway, and my friends were there with flowers, cake, balloons, music it was great," she added. "I thank my coaches putting in the hours with me, my swing coach, my high school coach, everyone I am just so thankful, so blessed for all the support.”

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