Phase One of Hwy. 544 and University Boulevard Intersection relocation begins

CCU begins work to relocate University Boulevard

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Phase One of a three-step process to relocate University Boulevard along Coastal Carolina University’s campus began this week as crews cleared trees along the typically congested roadway.

The project, originally proposed in 2011 and updated in 2016, will move the roadway closer to nearby student housing complexes and create a more cohesive space for the campus' athletic facilities.

“There are a couple of reasons [for the expansion],” CCU spokeswoman Martha Hunn said. “One is to accommodate the growing athletics program that the university is now very well known for. And also to make this road closer to University Place, one of the campus' largest student housing areas.”

One linchpin in the project is the completion of a new soccer stadium on CCU’s east region. The current stadium sits in the heart of the expansion zone but will not be relocated until the university crosses a $5 million threshold to build new facilities on an already existing field near the tennis facility.

“Funds have to be raised to actually build the stadium,” Hunn said. “Once those funds are raised and the university says we’re ready to go, this area can be cleared and prepped for the relocation of University Boulevard.”

Hunn said there’s no timetable for the completion of the realignment.

“We’re in step one right now,” she said. “This is early; we’re talking several years to come.”

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