Surfside Beach makes slight changes to new pier design

Surfside Beach makes minor changes to pier designs

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The town of Surfside Beach is steps closer to making the vision for a new pier become a reality.

During a workshop Tuesday, the town voted to make slight revisions to the final design for the project.

"I think it will be great, I really do,” said Surfside Beach Mayor Bob Childs.

Architecture Firm LS3P presented the revised designs to town council.

"We went before council to request clarity in what they were looking for,” said LS3P’s Troy Roehm.

Tuesday’s meeting comes after previous designs were deemed too tall. A town ordinance requires all buildings to be under 55 feet.

Showing the new the designs brought up old issues, as some council members were hoping to change designs to add a rooftop restaurant.

"There’s always rough spots,” said Childs. “I was a little surprised because we’ve gone through this. We’ve been through this conversation. We already worked out what I consider the kinks.”

In the end, council decided to stay with previous designs. The only change will be to bring the roof down to 55 feet to stay within the ordinance. Now, LS3P can move toward creating construction documents with the current design.

"The footprint of the pier is the same footprint of the previous pier. The only difference is there is a third building added towards the ocean building C. The other difference, building B, was a tackle shop has no change in the footprint. Building A, the restaurant, increased 15 feet to the south and 15 feet to the west, including the outdoor dining area,” said Roehm.

Surfside Beach is still waiting for an 18-month environmental study from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in order to move forward with construction. Childs said it’s unclear exactly how far along that study is right now.

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