Friend sings song in memory of fallen SC deputy Farrah Turner

Friend sings song in memory of fallen SC deputy Farrah Turner

DILLION, SC (WIS) - A former deputy was recorded singing a song for a fallen friend and mentor, with Facebook is quickly spreading this message of love.

Drew Hardin formerly trained under Florence County Deputy Farrah Turner when he was a new recruit. Drew’s wife, Manessa says Turner was a special person in both of their lives.

“Farrah was Andrew’s field training officer when he was a deputy with Florence County sheriff’s office for three years,” Manessa said. “She was at our first date and has been a steady friend of our family. He and Farrah had a great friendship!”

Drew, the father of 3, has since left law enforcement, but that never stopped the two from being friends.

In loving tribute to their friendship, Manessa posted the Nov. 10 performance to Facebook and his heartfelt song is receiving a lot of attention.

Turner was shot while serving a search warrant on Oct. 3. She later died of her injuries on Oct. 22. Turner, who was much beloved and is now hailed a hero, was a very special person to the Hardins.

Manessa said that Drew’s song comes from a special place of remembering Farrah.

“The song is about Drew being in the mind of Farrah the day of the shooting and saving those children’s lives by sacrificing hers, then it goes to tell she can go fly high we got it from here, fighting through her operations and recovery,” Manessa said. “He wrote it in honor of her to let her legacy live on.”

Drew will be performing the song at a benefit supporting the families of the seven Florence law enforcement officers who were shot on Nov. 24. You can find more information on the benefit by clicking here.

Drew wrote a song dedicated to Farrah Turner , when was a huge part of his LEO life and will always be treasured in our family.

Posted by Manessa Hardin on Saturday, November 10, 2018

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