Residents way in on Withers Swash drainage basin concerns

Residents way in on Withers Swash drainage basin concerns

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - As the city of Myrtle Beach looks to improve its storm water drainage system, residents in the Withers Swash Basin area had the chance to share their input about recent concerns.

Withers Basin is the largest drainage basin in the city limits.

Myrtle Beach Public Works and consultant W.K. Dickson have been studying the basin for several months and shared their observations with residents, which included drainage and flooding issues.

“We’ve seen flooding in this area, mainly off of 5th Avenue North and Broadway as well as 4th Avenue North for quite some time and it seems to be getting worse,” said homeowner Don Adams.

Adams said flooding after heavy thunderstorms has been the recent concern and hoped to learn how the city looks to address the issue.

Ward Marotti, senior project manager with Dickson, said the $300,000 study is still in the early stages but takes in a wide range of observations and concerns.

“There’s really no better trade off than local knowledge,” said Marotti.

Withers Basin is just the starting point for the citywide study which will take several years.

An online survey is also available for community feedback who were not able to make the meeting on Thursday night.

“They’ve done a good job asking for help which I can contribute some information, but hopefully it will alleviate stuff in the near future,” said Adams.

Residents broke into small groups with consultants, who aren’t just looking at flooding, but also water quality.

“Identify a problem area, as well as an evaluating retrofit at the source can really go a long way to alleviate those problems downstream,” said Marotti.

“I feel like we need to be part of the solution and try to get some things resolved,” said Adams.

The survey will remain open for several weeks.

The study is still estimated to take six to nine more months.

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