Conway students give special needs class an amazing gift

Conway Special Education

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Two students from Conway High School embodied the idea of putting others first and showed this to a group of special needs students on Thursday.

Seniors Haley Pope and Junior Chloe Cribb were leaders of a very unique school project that has helped create smiles and show how kindness can go a long way.

“You can see how much fun they’re having the smiles on their face they’re all having a good time and that’s just our main goal is to make them happy to make everybody happy,” Cribb said.

Pope and Cribb are in a Leadership Development Class at Conway High School and had to come up with a service learning project and a way to make it work.

Through fundraisers, they were able to raise over $500. When they contacted The Fun Warehouse, the business said they would double the money so that all of the students in the class could enjoy a full day of bowling, skating, playing games, and eating lunch.

"Me and Chloe just both have such a love for special needs kids that we wanted to make them have a great day and just have a really fun day out of this and so we decided to talk to all different places and we ended up at the Fun Warehouse to give them just a fun day.”

“A lot of times they just don’t feel special enough and like some people would pick on them and something like that because something is wrong with them we just want them to know they are human just like us they are just as equal as us and they deserve to be loved just as much as everybody else,” Cribb said.

More than 50 students from Conway High School got to participate in the outing and all learned a lesson: kindness can make a difference.

“I think that I think just the slightest bit of kindness can change someone’s day or even just how they appear their selves just like knowing that someone else cares about them or just that they know their love can take it such a long shot,” Pope said.

“In life I want to be able to make people happy that’s my main goal and I’m just starting right here at Conway High School with our special ed class make them feel special make them happy and that’s just all I want in life,” Cribb said.

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