Clear Pond homeowners concerned over multi-family unit plans

Clear Pond homeowners concerned over multi-family unit plans

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Homeowners in the Clear Pond community off Gardner Lacy Road are worried that plans for multi-family units will cause more traffic problems, but county officials said the plans have been approved since 2003.

Horry County Deputy Planning Director David Schwerd said the number of units have been reduced over time. The initial plans submitted allowed for over 1,300 units.

However, Schwerd said the latest master plan allows for 762 multi-family units. Right now, the developer only has plans to build 252 units.

Horry County Councilman Johnny Vaught said these plans have been approved for years.

Clear Pond homeowners concerned over multi-family unit plans

“They’re allowed to make minor modifications to planned developments like that and every modification they’ve made has reduced the density, which is better and better for the homeowners that are already out there,” said Vaught.

Linda Grillo has lived in the community for a few years now. She said she’s worried about traffic in the event of an emergency because there’s only one way into the development and one way out.

“There’s no infrastructure. There’s no roadways. God forbid something happens (like) there’s a fire," said Grillo.

Bruce Mader bought his property eight years ago. He feels the same when it comes to infrastructure concerns.

“They’re putting these units in the back of our development, which requires everyone who is going to come to and from that facility is going to have to go all the way through, which there is really only one way to get these people to and from their apartment," he said.

Mader said he looked into the plans himself.

“It appears to me that the builder has dotted all of his I’s and crossed all of his T’s," said Mader.

But Grillo is still hoping the meeting on Saturday will help bring some compromise.

“I’m hoping that they pull back on their plans and re-examine them. I’m hoping that they look at rebuilding some of this infrastructure, make another exit out of this complex," said Grillo.

A meeting is being held at the Clear Pond Amenities Center on Saturday at 12 p.m. Vaught will be there to help answer any questions or address any concerns the community may have.

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