WWII veteran recalls time flying B-17s in the military

WWII veteran recalls time flying B-17s in the military

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – It’s been 72 years, but World War II veteran Roy Boger vividly remembers the nice people he met during his travels to different states and countries while serving in the U.S. military.

But traveling was just part of it for Boger, who served as a B-17 pilot. On Monday, he got the chance to revisit one of those flying fortresses.

Although he was able to take a trip down memory lane, Boger said it was quite different than what he remembers.

When Boger flew, there was a crew of nine people. Five sat in seats and four others found a place to sit on the floor.

“We went up to the cockpit,” said Boger, “It all looked exactly the same as 72 years ago when I last was in one.”

In the United States, Boger went anywhere from Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. Then, he went to England and France.

According to Boger, even with all the bad things people hear about going on in the world, in his experience, 99 percent of the people he came across were good and decent.

He said he underwent a lot of training to learn how to fly in the military after going through cadet training.

“Then primary training with Snoopy-type airplanes, the biplanes that you see in the comics. Then in the single-engine plane and the twin-engine plane, finally I graduated and got my commission and went to a B-17 school where they taught you how to fly the big ones," Boger said. "And then you pick up a crew and they’re your family after that.”

Boger said although Veterans Day is a time to celebrate those who served the nation, stopping wars altogether would be even better.

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