Former SC Children’s Museum moving to The Market Common

Former SC Children’s Museum moving to The Market Common

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The facility previously known as The South Carolina Children’s Museum is moving to The Market Common, according to a press release.

EdVenture is currently located on North Oak Street in Myrtle Beach. The new location will feature a themed environment for learning and activity.

That specific theme, though, is being kept under wraps for now. It will be revealed when the museum opens in early 2019 on Howard Avenue.

“After merging with the Children’s Museum of South Carolina formerly located in Myrtle Beach, we are proud to announce that our new location will be within The Market Common” said Lisa Hailey, interim president and CEO of EdVenture, in a statement. “We simply cannot express how excited we are to bring this new exhibit to the community.”

On Jan. 24, 2017, former Myrtle Beach mayor John Rhodes announced Chapin Memorial Library and the EdVenture/Children’s Museum of South Carolina partnership would relocate to the Superblock area near Nance Plaza in downtown Myrtle Beach.

When it was announced, the project was met with controversy almost immediately. A big source of contention was the use of eminent domain for the city to acquire the few remaining properties it doesn't already control.

Despite the controversy, the project seemed to move along. Then, suddenly, everything stopped.

Late last fall, following the election of current Mayor Brenda Bethune, it was announced the Superblock project was put on hold.

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