Myrtle Beach to address Withers Swash drainage basin concerns

Myrtle Beach to address Withers Swash drainage basin concerns

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The city of Myrtle Beach is looking into Withers Swash drainage basin concerns and they’re asking for the public’s help to find out about any problem areas in the city.

"This is the beginning of what will be a citywide effort; it will take about three years,” said city spokesman Mark Kruea. “We’re looking for feedback; have you had any stormwater issues, what problems have you seen? We want that sort of data so we can build a list of projects that we could pay for and address in the city.”

Myrtle Beach Public Works will be teaming up with consultant W.K. Dickson for a study on the Withers Swash drainage basin. The basin will be the starting point for the citywide study. It covers about 2500 acres, the largest in the city.

“The drainage area that it serves goes down to 16th Avenue North, all the way to 21st Avenue North and then all the way over to Seaboard Street, from 501 to Seaboard Street,” he said.

The basin is the largest in the city, covering 2,500 acres.

“It’s a $300,000 study. We’ll end up with list of capital projects that we need to do. We’ll end up with detailed information about water quality, good and bad, as well as any drainage and flooding issues that may exist citywide and we’ll use that to build a spending budget so we can take care of those issues,” he said.

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