Thousands of homes could be added to Horry County flood map

Thousands of homes could be added to Horry County flood map

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Neighbors in the Longs area who flooded during Hurricane Florence, are wondering why they are not included in the current flood map, even though FEMA suggested it three years ago.

Neighbors in Polo Farms say all but seven homes flooded after Hurricane Florence, but the current flood map only includes about a dozen homes in the neighborhood.

“According to the map I was in the flood zone, but the neighbors, most of them weren’t,” said HOA Board Member Terry Steer.

“We were not in a flood zone we were told that we don’t need flood insurance,” said neighbor Peggy Sanferraro.

The county says it appealed that map claiming it increased flood elevations too much. The county and FEMA have since gone back and forth with proposals trying to come to an agreement. Horry County spokesperson Kelly Moore says the County is now considering a version of that 2015 map since levels from Hurricane Florence were similar to those propsed by FEMA.

Moore says the new revised maps from FEMA will be released in December or January. Then, staff will decide to appeal them or they’ll go before Horry County Council for approval.

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