Defense rests its case in Tammy Moorer kidnapping trial

Tammy Moorer trial enters its third week

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The defense rested its case Monday morning on day 11 of Tammy Moorer’s kidnapping trial.

The last witness for the defense was the defendant herself, who was back on the stand Monday as Deputy Solicitor Nancy Livesay continued with her cross examination.

While on the stand, Moorer maintained her innocence in regards to the December 2013 disappearance of Heather Elvis.

“I’ve heard a lot of lies in this courtroom,” Moorer said.

After cross examination ended, the defense officially rested its case. The state then called a rebuttal witness who testified about the process of changing a Facebook post.

The state then rested its case and rebuttal, and the jury was excused for lunch. Court is expected to resume at 2 p.m.

WMBF News reporter Marissa Tansino has been with this case since the very beginning, and she’ll continue to live tweet updates from inside the courtroom.

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