City of NMB addresses assumptions surrounding fire at The Havens

City of NMB addresses assumptions surrounding fire at The Havens
Multiple crews responded to The Havens complex in North Myrtle Beach Thursday afternoon after a fire broke out.

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The City of North Myrtle Beach is clarifying what it calls incorrect assumptions surrounding a condominium fire that left around five families displaced.

The city says a building permit was issued for The Havens in August of 2005, and at the time of completion it met all international, national, and state building and fire code requirements.

Officials say the sprinkler system installed in the building did not malfunction during the fire on October 18, also noting the fire code for the building requires all living spaces be fitted with a sprinkler system and because The Havens had such a system, other forms of fire protection such as fire walls were not required.

The city says the attic area of the building was not fitted with a sprinkler system which is also not required in this type of building.

“Building and fire codes may change over time but there is nothing in those codes (international, national, state) that requires a builder to return to an original structure and upgrade it to meet changes in code. If a structure is renovated, then there are some opportunities to require upgrades to meet code changes,” the city wrote in a press release.

Officials say between 12 and 15 people have been displaced. The Red Cross is providing assistance to those who need it.

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