School board member blames Facebook hack for crass meme

School board member blames Facebook hack for crass meme
Source: Horry County Schools

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An Horry County School Board member blamed a hacker for an insensitive meme that appeared on her Facebook page last month.

Sherrie Todd, a Republican whose district includes parts of Carolina Forest and Myrtle Beach, said she doesn’t know who posted a meme on her page that said, “I’ve already decided that whoever wins the Democrat Nomination in 2020 sexually assaulted me 40 years ago.”

“I can tell you that my Facebook page was hacked, for I do not know how this appeared on my page,” Todd said. “Mysteriously, two weeks ago my Facebook page came back up and I had to remove it from social media again. I invite anyone to look at the last four years (that’s how long I have had an account) to find anything negative or racist or any undesirable language on my page. That would not be how I live my life. Am I perfect? No, but at my age and my priorities currently this is not what I am thinking about. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?”

The meme prompted some groups to call for Todd’s resignation. Dameion Fowler of the Horry County Alliance for Educational Justice agreed, and said the board has a history of ignoring the needs of the vulnerable.

“This is in the broader context of a school board that really doesn’t consider the most marginalized groups in our community,” Fowler said. “They are tone deaf to the needs and realities of marginalized groups, [such as] survivors of such an assault ... ”

The local nonprofit Grand Strand Action Together also expressed disappointment.

“Grand Strand Action Together was dismayed to learn about … callous remarks regarding sexual assault,” the group shared on its public social media page. “We believe that if Ms. Todd wishes to continue in her position on the Horry County School Board, that she should set a better public example, one that shows empathy for victims of sexual assault and an understanding of the crime itself … Ms. Todd’s remarks are unprofessional, offensive and shameful.”

Todd said that since the post she has received vulgar phone calls, degrading emails and harassment in public.

“I regret any embarrassment I may have caused anyone, but I can assure you that people that know me already know that the post was not me,” Todd said. “In the past I have worked with victims of sexual assault and it is a horrible nightmare for males or females.”

Grand Strand Action Together said in an email that it plans to attend the school board meeting Monday to address the issue.

“We plan on being out in force to let … the school board in general know that sexual assault is not a ‘meme' or a ‘joke' and as elected officials they are responsible to protect the children of Horry County against all forms of abuse,” said Lorraine Woodward of GSAT.

Todd said she has no plans to step down.

“I am not resigning because I know I’m innocent,” she said. “And I know my heart is in children and Horry County Schools."

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