PALM Charter races for hurricane victims

PALM Charter races for hurricane victims

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - After several weeks, the PALM Charter race team is back on the racetrack and helping raise money for those impacted by Hurricane Florence and flood.

Students were out of class for nearly three weeks with the storm and flooding but are finally back and using their talents to help those impacted.

The team spent several days rebuilding the right side of the racecar following a wreck in the last race but are ready to get back out and compete in the #30 “South Carolina Strong” car.

During Saturday’s race, first responders will be honored with a lap around the race track lead by representative Tom Rice in the #30.

Mistidawn Jewell, a sophomore with PALM Charter and the crew chief for the #30 race team said she was excited to get back to school and proud of their work.

It was crazy, it means a lot to have the Horry Strong and South Carolina Strong on there and raise money for those people, I’m definitely excited I think we’re going to do great,” said Jewell.

PALM Charter have partnered with the Myrtle Beach Speedway and Mark Lazarus to bring together both Myrtle Beach and Conway's mayors as well as U.S. Representative Tom Rice to be present at the event.

Palm Charter principal and racecar driver Avery Moore said this race will be special.

“For me as the principal I feel a huge responsibility, showing the students you can give back and do good things for your community,” said Moore.

The hood will be signed by all who donate then be given to Governor McMaster for display in Columbia.

If you’d like to sign the car and meet the PALM Charter Race team, they’ll be at the Myrtle Beach Speedway all afternoon on Saturday before the race at 7 pm.

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