‘They’re dead:’ Authorities release 911 call after two bodies found in burned car in Socastee

Police release 911 call after bodies found in burned car in Socastee

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The 911 call made after two bodies were found in a burned car in the Socastee area in July were released this week.

In the audio, the caller identifies himself as the general superintendent for a construction site off of Butler Road for the Carolina Bays Parkway.

“On the entrance to our construction site, there is a vehicle that has been burnt and there’s two bodies, looks to be two dead bodies in it,” the caller stated.

The dispatcher asks the caller if the victims were beyond help, to which the man stated, “They’re dead. They’re dead.”

The two men found burned inside the vehicle were previously identified as 29-year-old Matthew Autry and 35-year-old Shawn David Anderson.

Four suspects – Michael Faile, David Lee Cook, William Tatum and Zachary Stell - have been arrested and charged in connection with the crime.

Arrest warrants indicate the murders were the result of an attempt to recover heroin and fentanyl from the victims, as well as disposing of the bodies by burning them and the vehicle.

According to the warrants, Faile hired Stell and Cook, who reportedly lured the two victims to an unknown location, where they were shot several times.

Stell then reportedly gave Tatum money to buy the gasoline and set the bodies and the car on fire, the warrants state.

When Tatum returned with the gasoline, he reportedly saw that one of the victims was still alive. According to the warrants, Cook and Stell stabbed the victims multiple times before setting fire to them and the vehicle.

Tatum was also reportedly used as a lookout and to help clean up the crime before the fire was set.

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