Monday testimony in Tammy Moorer kidnapping trial focuses on Elvis' car, suspect’s home

Tammy Moorer reacts during testimony Monday in a Conway courtroom. (Source: WMBF News)
Tammy Moorer reacts during testimony Monday in a Conway courtroom. (Source: WMBF News)
Updated: Oct. 15, 2018 at 6:15 PM EDT
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CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The Tammy Moorer trial resumed Monday as more witnesses took to the stand to testify.

A jury was seated last Monday, Oct. 8, and witness testimony began Tuesday. Moorer is charged with kidnapping in relation to the December 2013 disappearance of Heather Elvis.

A huge focus of the trial, up to this point, has been phone records and surveillance video.

The focus shifted a bit Monday to talk more about property belonging to Elvis — and the couple accused of kidnapping her..

Much of Monday focused on testimony from two people from the Horry County Police Department. Both looked at Elvis' car, Tammy and Sidney Moorer’s home, as well as Peachtree Landing.

HCPD Lt. Peter Cestare took the stand after lunch to tell the jury about his process when looking at Elvis' car and the Moorers' home. He said he assisted Jill Domogauer, also with the HCPD, who the jury heard from earlier in the day.

Cestare said he was told Elvis' car was initially found at Peachtree Landing and driven to her family’s house by her father, Terry Elvis. He also talked about going to the Moorers' home and when he arrived, he was given consent by Tammy Moorer to go in and take some pictures.

The witness pointed out he wasn’t searching the home, just documenting it to see if anything he saw could assist in the investigation. He also talked about items of interest which he took pictures of outside the Moorers' home.

Cestare said when doing this, he took pictures of items of interest located in front of a camper at the Moorers’ home. In the picture, Cestare pointed out to the jury, was a shotgun shell casing, cement mix, and some kind of cleaner. In the defenses cross examination, attorney Casey Brown asked if Cestare was aware the neighbors were pouring concrete for their driveway. Cestare said he wasn’t aware.

“Would it surprise you?" asked Brown. “Nothing would surprise me,” said Cestare.

Jill Domogauer, a crime scene investigator with the Horry County Police Department, testified she went to the Elvis home and took pictures of Heather Elvis' car and swabbed it for DNA testing upon her disappearance. She added the Elvis family wanted to keep it there for a while because it was the last thing they had of her. The HCPD eventually took possession of the vehicle. The defense asked if it would’ve been more efficient to take it to the police department right away. Cestare said he’s not sure if it would’ve been more helpful.

The witness testified she also went to Peachtree Landing and took photos there, as well as at Elvis' apartment. Domogauer said she looked through trash cans in that apartment and found a box from a pregnancy test in one of the trash cans. She added she never found the actual stick that came with it.

On cross examination from the defense, Domogauer said she didn’t find fingerprints from Tammy Moorer or any of her DNA in Elvis' car. She also said the pregnancy test was found in a bathroom not specific to a room in the apartment.

The first witness of the day was Dennis Hart, who worked as a kitchen manager at the Tilted Kilt location at Broadway at the Beach back in 2013.

Hart testified for the prosecution that he he knew Elvis and Sidney Moorer, Tammy Moorer’s husband, had a relationship. The witness added that he was also aware of a black eye Elvis had, but knew there were different stories associated with it. Hart also said he called Sidney one day to see if he was available to come in for work. He said Tammy got on the phone and asked him to fire Elvis after saying she was spreading rumors about her being pregnant with Sidney’s child. Hart said he ultimately told her no.

The defense cross examined Hart. He said he never saw Tammy Moorer come to the Tilted Kilt.

Testimony is set to resume Monday in Tammy Moorer's kidnapping trial. (Source: WMBF News)
Testimony is set to resume Monday in Tammy Moorer's kidnapping trial. (Source: WMBF News)

The jury will be seated back in the courtroom Tuesday morning.

WMBF News reporter Marissa Tansino continues her coverage straight from the courtroom. Follow her on Twitter throughout the day for updates.

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