Rosewood residents debate rebuilding or leaving for good

Rosewood residents debate rebuilding or leaving for good

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - One day at a time. That’s the mindset for some who live in Rosewood and are now debating to rebuild or leave after dealing with three damaging floods in just four years.

“It’s so much harder to watch your stuff be gone again after the first time with Matthew it’s hard even to talk,” said Melissa Krupa.

Krupa has lived in Rosewood for five years, and little remains of her house that sat in five feet of flood water.

Now she’s left with nowhere to go.

“I can only work on today because tomorrow is so cloudy and crazy, I have no answers for anything my life right now,” said Krupa.

Melissa’s neighbor, Tamega, just moved into the neighborhood in March, unaware of the neighborhood’s flood history.

“If I had any idea I’d be standing outside my house with all my stuff going to the trash, I would’ve never come to this area, which I love, but I would’ve never bought the house if I had any idea this would happen,” said Tamega Stukes.

As you make your way down the road, almost every yard sits not a pile of debris, but people’s lives, possessions and memories.

Now each is faced with a tough decision to stay and rebuild or leave for good.

“I do not know. I can’t say that right now,” said Tamega.

“I’m torn. I love this place, but I can’t go through another flood again,” said Krupa.

Despite not knowing what tomorrow holds, both thank their neighbors and the community for staying Socastee Strong.

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