Student Spotlight: ‘What’s on your plate?’ Aynor sophomore’s winning project

Student Spotlight

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The first Student Spotlight the 2018 school year comes from Aynor High School.

Madison Johnson sets herself apart as she was the only student from Horry County to compete nationally and receive the highest award in her age group during a leadership conference.

Johnson has a lesson for everyone at a young age as she’s already making healthy habits, exercise and clean eating at the top of her list. It’s all part of the project she won at the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, or FCCLA conference. “I was really excited, I didn’t expect to win gold at all,” Johnson said.

The winning project was part of the ‘Focus on Children’ division she titled ‘What’s on your Plate?’

“I knew a lot of people, child are obese in America, especially in the south so I wanted to raise awareness,” added Johnson.

Johnson explained some of her research and said the first part of the project involved going to a local daycare to teach kids about healthy eating. Johnson said, “I read them a book called the two bite club which taught them about the five healthy food groups. Once I read them the book, I fed them a healthy snack, some apples and peanut butter.”

After Johnson spent time with the kids, she gave each of their parents a survey asking how many times a week their kids eat fast food. She created a chart to show her findings and explained, “40 percent of families eat fast food two times a week, 27 percent of families eat fast food three times a week. I also asked them what was the child’s favorite food to eat like a snack or food and their answer was pizza.” Johnson continued, “This map is basically saying there is a higher rate of obese children in the south than the north it shows 30 to 34.9 percent of children are obese in South Carolina.”

(Source: Audrey Biesk)

Johnson said her goal was to raise awareness and she credits her parents for teaching her first. “They’ve taught me to exercise, I’m a cheerleader, so I have to exercise in that and I used to dance too.” When asked what the FCCLA competition means to Johnson, she said “Well we first went to the competition in Charleston, South Carolina and I won gold there, because I won gold I went to Atlanta to the nationals. I met a lot of friends there, it’s like a family to me and it teaches me how to be a leader in my community.”

Since the competition, Johnson added, “I’ve been inspired to be in the student council so I can be a leader to those in my school so I can help with the homecoming, and all the fun things were having this year.”

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