Old TWA plane being hauled to NYC, where it will become cocktail bar

TWA plane on its way to become hotel bar

AUBURN, ME (WGME/CNN) - TWA isn’t taking to the skies again, but one of its classic airplanes is hitting the road.

A TWA Lockheed Constellation airplane from the 1950s is going to be driven from Maine to JFK airport in New York City.

It's part of a new hotel being built at the airline's former flight center at JFK. The constellation airplane is going to serve as a cocktail bar for hotel guests.

And, yes, transporting an airplane by truck is as complicated as you might think.

"Our convoy is over a mile long. We have the state police, the oversized load, and then our fuselage here is 150 feet long,” said Tyler Morse with the TWA Hotel. “This is quite a movement all the way down the northeast corridor."

The $265 million hotel and retro 1960s themed bar are slated to open in 2019.

And if you plan to travel south on Interstate 95 this week, don't get stuck behind the convoy.

It's only going to be traveling at 15 miles per hour.

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