Another Friday Night Without Lights

Another Friday Night Without Lights

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Another Friday without lights, but one group is set on finding a way to shine.

Fan attendance... about a dozen.

Instead of the normal 22 players on the field, there’s about 75.

With schools indefinitely closed due to Hurricane Florence, it took just 1 leader: Kenney Solomon from Socastee High school to get everyone together.

“I just came up with it out of nowhere,” Soloman says. “I just texted everybody I knew from each school and they said yeah I got you bro and we just got out here to do what we do. The hardest part is just watching on TV when you know you can’t play on your team, with your brothers, with your family."

A 3 week hiatus and counting, players like Seth McKinney of Socastee and Daquinton Grady of Conway miss chances to impress scouts.

“For it to have taken 3 weeks and 2 weeks of our football games, me speaking as a Senior, that’s really bad for me,” McKinney says. “I don’t get to play those 2 games and this could be by final year of football.”

Grady adds on.

“Being without football, the boys have been separated due to the flood, and the hurricane, so the chemistry is starting to fall off.”

Solomon, an athlete with over a dozen scholarships to choose from, just wants to help the dozens who share the same passion as him.

“I tell my teammates to keep grinding and do what you do, and pray every night and it’ll come to you. God will do it for you and some guys on my team have some looks from colleges and I tell them. I’ll pray for you every night and you’ll get your scholarship.”

Kids from Socastee, North Myrtle Beach, Loris, Conway, Carolina Forest and St James were all in attendance today. As for Solomon, he was just offered his 16th football scholarship this week.. This one to Samford University.

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