Robeson Co. residents in dire need of supplies following Florence

Robeson Co. residents in dire need of supplies following Florence
People line up at Lumberton Junior High School for a warm meal and supplies (Source: WMBF News)

ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WMBF) - People in Robeson County remain in dire need of help in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Emily Jones, the spokesperson for Robeson County, said there are still power outages and flooding in many areas and that some roads are still closed off.

On Monday, crews were lined along streets working on power lines while FEMA personnel were at shelters getting information from those who lost their homes.

At the county’s distribution center in Lumberton, trucks have been dropping off loads of food and supplies. People then take the items to 14 different areas in the county for distribution.

However, Jones said that’s not enough. While churches and other organizations are doing what they can, Jones said they need more help, especially for people finally able to get back in their homes.

“Baptist men, the Mennonites, the Methodists churches came in here," Jones said. "They did a lot of work for Hurricane Matthew and they're on the grounds now helping people as we speak so anyone that's out there that would love to help volunteer for Robeson County or have a good church that would love to help these citizens out and get their home cleaned up...That's our dire need right now.”

Early Monday, hurricane victims from the west and south Lumberton lined up at Lumberton Junior High School for a warm meal and to pick up what supplies they can.

"We went through this is 2016,” Veronica McCloud, the site supervisor, said. “Here we are again two years later."

While some people go back to damaged homes, others have no home to go back to like Deanna Yarborough

“It’s very emotional... it is because you got people out here that don’t even know if they can go back home to them because they can’t get to them,” Yarborough said.

"People haven't fully recovered from two years ago and now here they're at that point of hopelessness again," McCloud said.

"Even money can't fix it, not something you've to build for 8 years you know,” Yarborough said.

Still, officials said they are doing everything they can to help those in need again.

"We know that there's going to be an issue of ‘how do I get over this,’ but this is just a small part to help you get started," McCloud said.

For many people here, knowing someone is there to help is what they need the most

“When you think you’ve lost everything or you feel like there’s no hope a hot meal, soap, detergent... it means everything,” McCloud said.

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