Restaurant Scorecard: Flies on food, equipment; food stored on the floor at some spots

Updated: Aug. 10, 2018 at 5:58 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Flies in the kitchen, on equipment and ready-to-eat food, some food not properly reheated, and other food stored on the floor.

We've got your dining details covered in this week's Restaurant Scorecard.

Thai Cuisine is at 1208 N. Kings Hwy., in Myrtle Beach. Health inspectors recently gave it a 72 out of 100 during a recent inspection, taking off points for a door being open at the time of inspection and a screen that torn on the sides and in the middle.

Inspectors also listed the presence of flies inside the kitchen on the equipment, crock pot and ready-to-eat food. The report also shows that food was uncovered.

According to the report, woven baskets were also being used to hold rice, a chipped clay pot was used to mix a salad, and a broken pot and strainer were used to store chicken. Also, a broken plastic measuring cup was used inside a bulk container of rice.

It's also unclear when owners posted the "Closed for 2 Weeks" sign on their door.

CO Sushi, located at 3098 Deville St., in The Market Common, is known for bold flavors from southeast Asia and a weekly happy hour. The spot scored a 91.

Inspectors took off points for sushi rice leftover from the previous night. They also said some tuna was improperly thawing, while a package of it was not cut to introduce air, per instructions.

Known as a relaxed boardwalk hangout with a full bar, American chow and live music, Ocean Front Grill at 100 Ninth Ave. North scored a 92. Inspectors took off points for foods containing milk not being reheated to the proper temperature before being stored. Also, some foods were not properly date-marked.

Also, boxes of opened single-service items were stored on the floor, according to the report.

If you're looking for Italian, the family-owned CIAO Italian restaurant at 5223 N. Kings Hwy., in Myrtle Beach scored a 93. Inspectors took off points for some food being stored at improper temperatures.

They also said the floor was broken and missing tile, and a cutting board on a make-top cooler across from the chargrill was in poor condition, with excess cuts and burn marks on it.

Remember, each spot should have their letter grade posted. If you don't see it, just ask.

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