Online love: Are dating websites worth the cost?

By Meghan Miller - bio | email

(WMBF) - It's what some call a "dating leap of faith," but now new information shows online dating isn't exactly what it's cracked up to be.

Millions of Americans are drawn into the television commercials every year, showing a happy couple telling their story of how they met online.  It seems like the perfect alternative to a less-than-active love life.

However, a staggering 35 percent of those who use the web to find love say match making services failed to set them up with people who met their real-life expectations.  Whether it be personality or looks wise, many report the "full package" just wasn't there.

"I got a lot of emails," said Danielle McCollam.  "Some seemed OK and some didn't.  You have to be careful.  It's nervewracking."

After being set up for disappointment, two-thirds of online dating service subscribers say companies added yet another problem to the mix - automatically renewing their subscription without their full consent.

These are just two problems the Better Business Bureau says can be avoided, but only if you have a watchful eye when signing up for the service.

Experts advise to know the stipulations of your contract before locking yourself into it and to trust your suspicions about companies that seem to raise a red flag.

With a handful of sites promising you love, which ones can you trust?

The BBB keeps record of the major online dating sites, grading them on customer satisfaction and service.  Officials with the bureau give the best grade. and, however, are rated poorly enough that the BBB won't give the companies its stamp of approval.

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