Does It Work: One-Touch Can Opener

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

(KPLC) - The One Touch Can Opener is a handheld, automatic can opening device that requires no muscle by the user.

I opened the cover to insert the two batteries. I had an assortment of classic can sizes to test, and I began with the two largest lids. I placed the opener on the can, pressed the button, and the chili lid was off in seconds. The opener danced along the lid of the tuna can, inspiring me to jiggle along with it.

I walked through a demonstration on the Spaghettio's can in real time. The can opener glided along the lid of the can. The opener blade grasped onto the outer edge of the can and cut directly underneath the lip of the can, allowing for a smoother edge once the cut is complete. In less than 30 seconds, the lid was completely removed and you can begin your cooking.

Four for four. It lifted off the lids within a matter of seconds. But, I do notice there's some leftover residue from some of these cans on here, so you do have to kind of wipe things off. You don't want to get your fingers caught in the cutting area; it kind of recesses itself when you're not using it, but when it does activate, it kind of latches onto the can.

The largest can with the pop top lid is user-friendly already, but the One Touch sliced the lid off with ease. Same story for the tiniest can, the lid was off with no effort.

The One Touch Can Opener lifts the lid on a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

We grabbed the One Touch Can opener for $19.99 plus tax. The device requires two AA batteries not included.