Local Viewpoint - Atlantic Beach Town Council

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Thank goodness the town council for Atlantic Beach is coming together to pursue working with their neighboring governmental bodies to improve their community by declining to adopt an operating plan for the Memorial Day Bikefest. This decision, as positive as it is for the town, was reached despite the objections of Mayor Retha Pierce.

We were glad the Atlantic Beach mayoral race was finally resolved earlier this year after three attempts and were optimistic the situation would improve. Well, our expectations were partially met by the positive actions of the town council working together. However, Ms. Pierce's term as mayor, only a matter of months, has resulted in her becoming a more divisive factor than a consensus builder.

For the good of the community we think the phrase "One and Done" should apply to Ms. Pierce's tenure as mayor.

By the way, she has now filed a lawsuit against some of the city officials claiming they were attempting a coup. Really? Respect is earned not demanded, and I can only imagine how much respect her current actions have created with the town's residents and city leaders.

In our local view, the town council should continue their efforts to help better their community and ignore Ms. Pierce's desire to disrupt the process. We are hopeful the councilperson who will be elected in April will bring even more credibility and positive action to the community. Atlantic Beach is finally headed in the right direction and the town council deserves the credit. Nice Job!

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