Local Viewpoint - Ty’Sheoma Bethea

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

This week, a young lady from Dillon was the belle of the ball in Washington as she enjoyed national visibility for a letter she wrote asking for help in improving her schools in an area that is unfortunately known as the "corridor of shame." We salute Ty'Sheoma and hope that her efforts result in a positive response.

In our local view, her requests are legitimate and should be addressed. Providing a quality education and creating a positive learning environment is critical in making sure the area is transformed from a "corridor of shame" into a corridor of pride.

Imagine what could happen if the spotlight on these communities results in funding to provide better services and facilities. Then imagine if Interstate 73 receives funding and a major transportation corridor is created for this region. Quality education and quality transportation are two of the major components that lead to economic development and quality jobs. And now imagine the paradigm shift that could take place throughout the region when that happens.

Ty'Sheoma, this week we salute you. Don't let this wonderful experience be the end of your efforts. Let this experience motivate you and your fellow classmates. Your voice and your opinion are important. Use this opportunity to fuel the fire to create the change you envision for the future.

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