APEX tries to give performers competitive edge

By Audra Coble, NewsNation Reporter

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - We are all trying to stay on track with New Year resolutions this time of year, whether it is eating right, kicking habits, or exercising more. What if there was a competitive edge that could help you not only achieve your goals, but excel in every area of your life?

APEX Performance was founded by Dr. Louis Csoka. He says the foundation for peak performance comes from our ability to reach new goals and form new habits starts with training the brain. It's the edge that peak performers have over others.

Csoka says it's measure using advanced sensory feedback technology and a proven systematic process that was he created nearly 20 years ago to develop leaders at West Point. But Csoka says it's not just for military leaders; Apex's training has been customized for pro athletes, business executives, and anyone seeking the mental edge.

Golfer Corey Nagy, a junior at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, practices with APEX. He says he discovered this secret competitive edge to help him compete at the top NCAA level.

The model used is based on five techniques: goal setting, adaptive thinking, stress management, attention control and stress management. Program Director Lisa Grossman says these methods go beyond playing on the field, it also uses the power of the mind to help athletes recovery from injuries.

The U.S. Army has set up 10 training centers across the country that now implement these exact techniques.

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