Local Viewpoint - Economy

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

I was talking with a local businessperson this past weekend and he shared with me that on Saturday his retail business was as strong as Black Friday, what retailers affectionately label the big shopping day after Thanksgiving.

We were excited to hear some positive news. It seems the lead stories over the past few months have been all doom and gloom, and I'm sure you are as sick of hearing the negative stories just as much as we are tired of sharing them. Maybe this one business is the exception, but as we were out and about this past weekend we noticed the traffic and activity was much higher than the past few months, so hopefully there are many more positive stories.

In our local view, we give a big part of the credit to the influx of visitors here for the Myrtle Beach Marathon. Thank you runners and bikers! All the race events sold out this year, so it seems there is room to make the weekend bigger and better.

Although city leaders and race organizers may debate this, we'd like to see the event grow to tens of thousands of participants. Wouldn't that be a nice boost for February, which is typically a much slower month? If major cities like New York, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, and countless others can shut down their streets for a full day, then certainly Myrtle Beach could come up with a plan that works to grow the event.

Regardless of the reason for the uptick in activity, we're just glad to share some positive news. Hopefully this is a sneak peak of what we can expect for the region as the nice weather and warmer temperatures begin to arrive.

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