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By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Today we'll dip into the feedback mailbag and share some of your comments regarding our recent commentaries.

Clel Lee - that's what his e-mail says anyway - shared this feedback:

"TED thanks for speaking for everyone with UR LOCAL VIEW POINT. I believe it's a personal view point. I'm a local and don't share ur views. Have some class MR. VP and GM. Go and look at some old WRAL Jessie Helms View Points.(U'll see what classy view point is) I find that news people should share all points of view, not shove ur views on everyone. Ted u look great in ur picture and with all those nice titles, Can u get all that on ur business cards too."

Thanks, Clel. You know what? I'm really not surprised you don't agree with the viewpoint. In fact, the whole purpose of the Viewpoint segment is merely to initiate debate and discussion, to simply share a perspective.

By the way, here's my business card, and we were able to get the full title in there, but the font is really small. Do you think it would stand out better if we made it bold?

Roger Salyer from Florence writes:

"You noted celebrities such as Michael Phelps, A Rod and most Athletes and Hollywood stars should not be used as role models. You closed your commentary showing the No. 24 NASCAR race car. Were you implying Jeff Gordon is not an acceptable role model either? If so, it is no wonder the children of today are confused by the "So-called" unbiased news media who cannot even get a short community service editorial right!!!! O Holier Than Thou."

Roger, our point was that just because a person is a great athlete doesn't necessarily make them a great mentor. We were not singling out Jeff Gordon, but there are certainly some NASCAR drivers who by their actions have proven they would not be the best option to serve as a role model.

By the way, thanks for the new title; maybe I'll add that to my business card. What do you think, Clel?

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