Does it Work: MicroGrill

By Joe Terrell - email

(KLTV) - A lot of products we test on "Does It Work?" make use of the microwave oven.

It's like the makers of these "as seen on TV" products haven't moved past their 1975 fascination with the microwave. This time we're turning it into a grill with the MicroGrill. Question is: "Does It Work?"

It's right there on the box: The MicroGrill "transforms your microwave into a turbo-charged grilling machine." "Complete meals in under 7 minutes." And it "works in any microwave."

We opened the box and found an instruction book filled with MicroGrill recipes, the MicroGrill itself and two plastic things called baker spacers, designed to allow you to make pastries.

Before you can start using the MicroGrill, you have to preheat it for a few minutes in the microwave. When you pull it out will be hot. There are no cords or dials to worry about, and the MicroGrill is only big enough for one steak of any size at a time.

We seasoned a fresh, non-frozen steak on both sides and put it in the MicroGrill and into the microwave for 5 minutes, as instructed.

We had high hopes. The box claims you don't get that rubbery texture you might expect from a microwave-cooked steak because the "MicroGrill blocks the microwaves from directly penetrating your food."

When the steak comes out, we notice it's dark brown around the edges and it's missing those pretty grill lines shown on the box. Taste is the true test, and it did not pass.

The steak was rubbery and bland. The closer we ate out toward the edges, the worse it got.

We tried a frozen hamburger and the results were worse. We couldn't eat it. The taste and texture was awful, even though the instructions claim the MicroGrill can cook a perfect hamburger in 3 minutes with no thawing.

Does It Work? We give the MicroGrill a "no".

The Micro Grill sells for $39.99 at Linens 'N Things.