Local Viewpoint - Mentors

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Last week we got to see Michael Phelps showing his not-so-gold medal side, and this week we learn A-Rod used performance-enhancing drugs while playing baseball for the Texas Rangers.

In our local view, these most-recent developments just reinforce that we need to encourage our kids to NOT look towards professional athletes as mentors. We've known Hollywood is not the place for kids to find positive role models, but many of us have held out hope that the playing field creates a higher quality of character. Maybe not!

The only thing that serves as a positive example is that Phelps and Rodriguez quickly came forward to apologize to their fans. The real test will be whether or not they learn from their actions and not find themselves in this situation again.

Regardless, kids need to realize many of the athletes and stars we put on a pedestal are merely human, not superhuman. And there are much better options when it comes to choosing a person to motivate and inspire you.

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