Local Viewpoint - Digital Transition

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

I'm sure you've seen the announcements we've been airing counting down to the digital television transition date scheduled to take place Feb. 17. Well, ignore those announcements.

This week Congress passed legislation to delay the digital television transition from Feb. 17 until June 12. All we're waiting on is President Obama's signature, and he has indicated he will sign the legislation.

In our local view, we would have preferred to see the date remain on the 17th, but we understand the reasoning for needing to delay the official transition until June. Here's the good news: WMBF News is already an all-digital station, and we're the only station in the market offering local high definition, or HD, programming.

So if you are watching our program you are prepared for the digital transition. The bad news is that you will most likely have to endure another four months of announcements counting down to the new date in June.

Once the transition is complete, it will result in many more options for you since local broadcasters will have the ability to offer additional channels, more programming and informational services, products that were not an option with the current single stream analog signals.

So bear with us another four months, and enjoy the new countdown spots. It will be well worth the wait once the conversion is finally complete.

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