Local Viewpoint - Michael Phelps

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Michael, Michael, Michael... what were you thinking? You set world records and captured eight gold medals at the Summer Olympics, locked up millions of dollars in endorsement deals, and serve as a role model and super hero for kids across the world. You, especially, should understand that cameras are everywhere. Did you not think someone would snap a shot of you, THE Michael Phelps, allegedly taking a hit from a bong?

In our local view, we've all done things that in hindsight were probably not the best choices. The great thing about America is that we are very willing to forgive if someone is sincere in asking for that forgiveness. We really like to see people persevere and succeed.

Michael, this is not the first time you've veered off in the wrong direction. At some point the fans, sponsors and supporters will grow tired of the negative actions if they continue to occur.

Today you get a second chance. Make sure you use it wisely. Remember, those cameras are everywhere, and as much as people are willing to forgive, it seems they love it just as much to catch a hero at his worst.

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