Local Viewpoint - DC Trip

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Local leaders are in Washington this week meeting with Congressional officials to continue the effort to secure funding for Interstate 73, the proposed expansion for the Myrtle Beach airport and other high priority projects in the region.

In our local view, we are pleased to see that I-73 has received so much attention the past week. Danny Isaac, our local DOT commissioner, and other legislative leaders spoke at a press conference Monday and reinforced their support of working to make sure I-73 is shovel-ready as soon as possible.

If the goal is to create jobs, then I-73 fits perfectly in the plan. In fact, as important as the project is for the Grand Strand in regards to tourism and emergency evacuation, the inland areas including Marion, Dillon and Marlboro counties, where unemployment is excessively high, would benefit significantly in terms of job creation and future industrial recruitment. That is the purpose of the stimulus effort, correct?

It is nice to the see the region come together to rally for this effort. Let's hope that single, consistent voice makes a difference in elevating the importance of funding Interstate 73 at the state and federal level.

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