Local Viewpoint - Atlantic Beach

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Just when we thought it was over. After three attempts, the saga continues. On Tuesday the residents of Atlantic Beach voted Retha Pierce as their new mayor. We were hopeful the city could begin the process of moving forward and plan the election to select someone to replace Ms. Pierce on the town council.

But wait. The Department of Justice is now saying the election was held without seeking their permission and the results can be challenged in federal court if someone wishes to do that. Based on the past legal filings contesting the election results it would not surprise us if someone files a complaint for this election.

In our local view, the entire process is almost laughable, but what isn't funny is that all of these elections cost money. The last thing Atlantic Beach residents need is to incur additional costs when they are struggling to meet their current financial obligations.

Maybe the election will not be challenged and the city can move forward. We wish Ms. Pierce well, and hope the mayor and council will work together to resolve their differences. Interim manager Charles Williams had some good ideas for the city and the city leaders need to review some of those proposals, especially the plan of opening up Ocean Boulevard to north and southbound traffic.

In the meantime, we'll keep our fingers crossed that we don't have to endure a fourth mayoral race.

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