Does It Work: Magic Bullet

(KLTV) - The box makes the same claim you see on TV. The Magic Bullet is supposed to be capable of doing virtually any job in the kitchen, in 10 seconds or less, with no mess and no fuss.

Inside you get four tall mugs, not just for drinking. You mix in them too. You also get a tall mixing cup, as well as a small mixing cup and various lids for storage. Of course the Magic Bullet's "high torque" power base is in the box and you get two blades. One is for chopping. The other blade is for mixing and grinding.

First, we decided to grind some coffee. You fill the short mixing cup with beans. Screw on the "grinding" blade. Press down on the power back and turn. The Magic Bullet did a great job on coffee beans.

We also chopped some onions. First we filled the cup with several pieces of onion and gave it a "go." All the products in this class, have just two speeds - on and off - and it's hard to control the chop.

Sure enough. We got onion mush with just a few big chunks that never made it down to the blade.

We tried again with far fewer onion slices inside, and the Magic Bullet did a great job finely chopping the onions into little nuggets. We were pleased.

Just make sure you use quick pulses, don't overfill and it will do fine.

Next we tried a recipe from the included book called "7-second Salsa." Onions, jalapeno, a whole tomato, cilantro and two cloves of garlic. In seven seconds, we had salsa. It didn't look good but it tasted great.

A strawberry banana smoothie was our next test. We add a banana, frozen strawberries, ice cream and some milk. We put the chopper blade on and seconds later, we had a great tasting smoothie.

Everything we tried turned out great.

"Does It Work?" We give the Magic Bullet a "yes."

The Magic Bullet is available at CVS and Walgreens for $59.99.