Local Viewpoint - Congress

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Congress gets back to work this week, and we are hopeful the New Year has brought with it some cooperative attitudes so the legislative leaders can work together to help the country move forward, especially in regards to the economy.

In our local view, the next few weeks will be critical in determining whether or not we will see some non-partisan efforts to get the economy headed in the right direction. With the New Year comes a sense of optimism, and this year also brings with it a new administration.

Regardless of whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, I think we would all agree that work to improve the economy should be job No. 1. We may not all agree on the manner in which we need to achieve these goals, but that is where a cooperative, bi-partisan spirit is so critical.

By the end of January we'll have a snapshot of how the next four years will shape up in Washington. Let's hope the legislative leaders realize we expect results, not political posturing. The majority of Americans voted for change in November and change can certainly happen again during the next election if the legislative leaders put political agendas before the desire of their constituents.

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