Local Viewpoint - Interstate 73

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

President-elect Barack Obama is working on a plan to stimulate the economy and inject billions of dollars into infrastructure projects. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says his state doesn't want to participate in the plan. What is Gov. Sanford thinking?

Would it be more fiscally prudent if the federal government did not spend billions of dollars on infrastructure improvement? Probably. Are they going to spend it? Definitely.

So, if the money is going to be spent regardless of some political leaders grandstanding to push their personal beliefs, South Carolina could certainly benefit with a shot in the arm to jumpstart some stalled projects.

In our local view, the Interstate-73 project should be at the top of the list. This infrastructure project is prepped to move forward and will have a significant impact on areas that are in desperate need for a positive economic boost. It will also serve as an extremely important hurricane evacuation route for all of us who live on the Grand Strand.

Ideas have been tossed around that at least the interchange for I-73 and I-95 should be included in the request and get that major aspect of the effort finalized. With that interchange work complete, the highway construction would follow in a timely fashion.

The I-73 project needs to move forward immediately, and the economic boost from Washington is one way to ensure it gets underway sooner rather than later.

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