Local Viewpoint - Horry County Humane Society - 12/18

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

The board of directors for the Horry County Humane Society made the right call this week when they decided to part ways with the executive director.

In our local view, the decision that led to 85 dogs being euthanized was not handled appropriately. Yes, there are certainly issues related to distemper that should create cause for concern and could have resulted in some of the animals being put down. However, the need to euthanize that many animals appears to have been unnecessary.

It will take a special person to help this operation rebound and rebuild the faith and trust of the volunteers and community who are critical to its success. Hopefully the board of directors will find the right person to lead the agency and the board itself will play a more active role in the day-to-day operation to help eliminate the chances of another situation like this happening in the future.

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