Local Viewpoint - Atlantic Beach - 12/9

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Most of us weren't surprised last week when there was controversy with the Atlantic Beach mayoral election. Retha Pierce, one of the candidates vying for the office, complained that write-in candidates were allowed on the ballot, and now one of those write-in candidates, Charlene Taylor, has made it to the runoff election to be held next week.

Hopefully, we are close to having the mayor's race behind us, but regardless of who emerges the victor, since each candidate currently serves on city council, we still have to endure one more election to fill the vacant council seat.

As frustrating as it has been to watch the ongoing battle in Atlantic Beach, in our local view, what is even worse is the small number of residents who cast a vote for mayor. You would think the turmoil in the city would have sparked a flood at the polls, but fewer than 100 people cast a ballot in the election.

We are hopeful more folks will turn out for the mayoral race next week and the following council election. With the current state of affairs in the city it is certainly a critical time for residents to have their voices heard through the electoral process. Get out and vote Atlantic Beach. The future of your city depends on it.

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