Local Viewpoint - Smoke Detectors - 11/25

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Recently we have had the unfortunate responsibility of reporting on numerous fires where families have lost entire homes. In a few of those cases, the tragedies were far, far worse than the loss of material possessions and resulted in the loss of life.

In our local view, we should let these tragic events remind us that now is a critical time to check to make sure your smoke detectors are working and you have a plan of escape in the event of a fire. There is a reason schools have fire drills, and it is just as important to have a plan of action in your own home.

If you are in need and unable to check or install a smoke detector, there are many local fire departments that will perform that service for you. Please take advantage of that offer and contact your local fire department to see if they can help. If they can't, they can probably direct you to a group that can.

With the cold weather moving in earlier than normal and winter right around the corner, the chance of a fire-related disaster only increases. Although a smoke detector may not save your house, it can certainly help to save your life. It is critical to make sure you have them installed throughout your home and that they are working properly.

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