Local Viewpoint - Airport Terminal - 11/20

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

We're one step closer folks, with one more hurdle to go.

With the third and final reading approved by Horry County Council, construction of a new airport terminal is very close to becoming reality. The next step, design approval from Myrtle Beach's Community Appearance Board, will be the last piece of the puzzle to make this project a reality.

If you remember, the CAB declined to approve the design plans for the previous terminal project, so it is imperative that the CAB sign off on the new terminal plans before moving forward with the process.

In our local view, this terminal addition and existing terminal renovation is the right way to go and will put the area in a great position to take advantage of tourism growth in future years. In the short term it benefits the region through the creation of many jobs and also injects millions of dollars into the local economy as part of the construction efforts.

Congratulations to County Council for not allowing the previous terminal issues to halt what is an imperative project for the region. By rebounding and coming up with a solid plan to move the effort forward you showed real leadership.

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