Local Viewpoint - Shop Local - 11/18

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

With the ongoing economic news coming in a little less than positive, we want to remind you that shopping local is more important than ever. The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce has launched a campaign to encourage all of us to shop with our local merchants.

Local businesses create jobs, pay taxes and business license fees that help the local community, and provide goods and services that make our region more enjoyable. Imagine how unappealing this area would be without the local businesses that offer so much for our communities.

In our local view, it's always a good idea to shop local when you can, and that is especially important this holiday season. With gasoline prices finally dropping to a reasonable level, hopefully you will find a few extra dollars back in your pocket. If that extra cash is going towards holiday gifts, invest that money back in our community. It benefits the local businesses and in the long run it benefits all of us as well.

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