Local Viewpoint - Voter Turnout - 10/5

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Wow! What an amazing week. It seems like an eternity since Election Day, and although there were days when most of us thought this campaign season would never end, we all survived and now the real work begins.

One thing we know for sure: the voter turnout was impressive and inspiring. It may have been frustrating to have to wait in line to vote, but what a wonderful problem it was. In this great country where we are so blessed to live, many Americans have taken for granted the right to vote. That was not the case in this election. Whatever created that heightened level of interest, we hope it only becomes greater in future elections.

In our local view, we are hopeful the two parties will work together to address the issues we are facing and strive to resolve them in a constructive, positive fashion. Knowing how Washington historically works, it is tough to be optimistic, but we will retain our positive outlook until they prove otherwise.

Tuesday we were Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or your party affiliation of choice. Today, we are all Americans and we all want a better future.

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