Local Viewpoint - Vote - 10/30

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Four words sum up today's commentary: Get out and vote! We already have examples right here in our area where one vote decided the outcome of the election.

If you choose not to vote, and your candidate of choice does not get elected, you have no right to gripe or complain about the person who is elected and what happens once they are in office.

In our local view, the right to vote is one benefit of being American that many take for granted. So it is exciting to see that this year, early and absentee voting is at an all-time high, and this same increase in participation is expected on Tuesday.

Plus, more young people than ever before are engaged in the electoral process, and that is good news for our future.

So get out and vote. It is one of many freedoms we enjoy that should not be taken for granted.

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