Local Viewpoint - Bright Future - 10/2

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Can you hear that? You have to listen very carefully. I've never actually experienced it, but I have heard people talk about it. It is the sound of the sky falling.

Now that Myrtle Beach has passed the variety of ordinances for the biker rallies, the Chicken Littles of the world are saying the end is near. If you live on the Grand Strand or own a business here you might as well go ahead and prepare; life as you know it will soon come to an end. In fact, we should get the exterminators ready as I'm sure the plague of locusts will be arriving soon.

In our local view the only thing on the horizon for the Grand Strand is a bright, bright future. The real estate market will continue to self correct, we'll make it through this credit crunch, the Hard Rock Park will reopen - with the current owners or someone else - and we will prosper and grow with or without the bikers.

You know, we still have the big sandy thing to our east connected to that big salt water pond. So until God decides to relocate the beaches and the ocean we'll be OK.

So reinforce your roof, keep your umbrellas handy, and if you are really concerned you might want to go out and purchase a hard hat. Sure wouldn't want you to get hurt when that big piece of beautiful, blue sky falls and hits you on the head.

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