Local Viewpoint - Atlantic Beach - 9/18

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Today's commentary is focused towards the Atlantic Beach Town Council, a dysfunctional group who appears to prefer to argue and fight amongst each other - mostly two against two - as their city approaches the brink of financial collapse.

Thank goodness Charles Williams, the interim town manager, has attempted to bring some order and reasoning to the process in an effort to lead this group towards a more fiscally solvent future. He is obviously a man of great patience, something that is extremely necessary when dealing with the Council.

In our local view it is time for the group to stop the petty politics and work together to resolve this unfortunate situation. The proposals on the table are sound recommendations for moving the community in a positive direction.

Do the right thing... work together... for the betterment of your community. If you choose not to work towards a solution then you risk the possibility that you may be the leaders - if that word even applies - that effectively created the demise of Atlantic Beach. Based on how this group has handled the management of the city up until this point... that may not be such a bad thing.

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