Local Viewpoint - Biker Feedback - 9/11

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Earlier this week we shared our opinion supporting the Myrtle Beach Council's decision to increase the efforts to bring order to the annual May bike rituals.

Several of you were not in agreement with our comments and today I'd like to share some excerpts of "Your Viewpoint."

Allan from Little River writes, "Everyone has the right to an opinion, but your support of the City of Myrtle Beach to stop the bike rally is not altogether fair and just. Using the station to promote your side is slanted.

"If we had police that would do their job many problems would go away. The word is 'Zero Tolerance.' I have been to Daytona, FL, for bike week. You don't see police just standing around collecting overtime. If there is a problem, and I mean any problem, it is handled pronto. Respect commands respect."

You are right on, Allan. I think the reason they are passing these ordinances is so they can enact a zero tolerance policy you mentioned.

From Susan in Socastee: "I believe Myrtle Beach has the right to pass ordinances to control rally participants, but the helmet ordinance won't deter tourists who mainly come from states that already have helmet laws. This ordinance will primarily affect local motorcyclists like myself. I ride five days out of seven because I love it, and I save over $300 a month in fuel costs. But if I can't ride in Myrtle Beach on my Harley without added regulations then I won't drive my SUV into town either."

Susan, the ordinances have only had one reading so there is the possibility it could be revised to apply to May only. But the fact that it is under consideration should make everyone realize how seriously the city leaders are in making sure they get control of these events.

And from Kurtis, who lives in Longs: "I agree with you 100 percent, but who is to say who is a family and who is not. I think it would be bad for bikers, local businesses, and Myrtle Beach... in the event Myrtle Beach is a family place that means all families even bikers."

Agreed, Kurtis. I just prefer for my kids not to have the pleasure of seeing the biker families - as you call them - who enjoy riding around with their backside in the air sharing their favorite thong with the world. We call that TMI... Too Much Information.

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