Local Viewpoint - Olympics - 8/26

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

The closing ceremonies Sunday night wrapped up what many are saying are the most compelling Summer Olympics in history. They were certainly the most watched.

Hopefully, you were able to catch some of the games right here on WMBF News. From the drama of Michael Phelps winning a record-setting eight gold medals in swimming to Jamaica's Usain Bolt bolting down the track to set world records in the 100- and 200-meter races. The U.S. captured gold in gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, the decathlon and many other events.

As wonderful as it was to see all the victories, the part of the games that seemed most inspirational were the myriad of countries coming together to compete in a civilized fashion. For 16 days, respect and admiration were shared across borders, across continents, and around the world. Religion, race, ethnicity - it was all irrelevant.

It was simply the strongest, the fastest, the best-prepared who shined in the spotlight.

Wouldn't it be nice if that was the way we lived our lives every day?

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